Marvel Team-Up Annual featuring Hulk and Power Man and Iron Fist #3 VF

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"Mayhem in Middle America!" Guest-starring Power Man, Iron Fist, Machine Man, and the Hulk. The crafty villainess, Nightshade, tricks the Green Goliath into helping her steal a new state-of-the-art computer circuit! And that high tech circuit happens to be the same one that Power Man and Iron Fist have been paid to protect! Luke Cage and Danny Rand are guarding the circuit on a train bound for Chicago, when suddenly the Hulk strikes! Despite their best efforts, the Heroes for Hire are no match for the gamma-radiated giant; and the Hulk gets away with the circuit. But not all is lost as Power Man and Iron Fist pick up an ally, Machine Man, to track down Bruce Banner's alter ego! And in a quiet cabin in the countryside, the three heroes and the Incredible Hulk settle their way or the other! Cameo appearance by Spider-Man.