Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man and Moodragon #44 FN

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"Death in the Year Before Yesterday!" Part 4 of 4. Guest-starring Spider-Man, Moondragon, Doctor Doom, the Vision, and the Scarlet Witch. Script by Bill Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema (breakdowns), Mike Esposito (finishes), and Dave Hunt (finishes). Cover by Gil Kane and Dan Adkins. It's the Dark Rider's last stand against Doctor Doom, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, Moondragon and the web-slinger in 17th century Salem! And will the wall-crawler be able to save John Proctor from the gallows? It's a bittersweet ending for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Cameo appearance by Iron Man. (Note: The letters page also contains Marvel Value Stamp series B #68 Silver Surfer. A 30-cent cover price variant exists for this issue.) 32 pages Cover price $0.25.