Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man and Power Man #75 NM

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"The Smoke of That Great Burning!" Guest-starring Spider-Man and Power Man. Plot by Chris Claremont. Script by Ralph Macchio. Pencils by John Byrne. Inks by Al Gordon. Cover by Bob Hall. Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, and Luke Cage are enjoying an evening at the Studio 13 disco, when suddenly masked gunmen bust in and start shooting! The two heroes quickly jump into the fray, but the thugs manage to escape after taking a hostage. Power Man and Spider-Man track the arson gang to a tenement building in the South Bronx, and that's where the action really heats up! When the gang sets the building on fire, the web-slinger, Power Man, and the New York Fire Department put their lives on the line to rescue the trapped residents! (Notes: This issue was critically acclaimed in the letters page of Marvel Team-Up 81 as tragically a real-life fire in Brooklyn claimed the lives of six firefighters in August 1978, about the same time this issue hit the newsstands. This story was reprinted in Marvel Tales 207.) Cover price $0.35.