Marvel Two-in-One #14 VF

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 It's New Year's Eve, and Ben is kicking around an empty ghost town in Arizona. He quickly flashes back to how he ended up here- earlier that night, he and Alicia visited Reed, who had determined that there's a major disturbance of some sort in Lawless, Arizona. Even blind Alicia could sense it on the map, so Ben hopped in the Fantasti-car and headed for the desert.      In a saloon, Ben finds a a creepy old painting of a man on a horse. As Ben looks at the artwork, up comes Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. Introductions are made, and Hellstrom tells Ben that the force that drew them both here is centered on the painting. Hellstorm tells Ben that the figure painted there is Jedediah Ravenstorm, a murderous old west bank robber who eventually founded Lawless. The town people soon lynched him, but he swore vengeance on the town (which had dried up and had all the populace vanish within one year of the lynching). The 100 year anniversary of Ravenstorm's death finds Ben and Daimon standing in front of the painting.