Marvel Two-in-One... The Thing battles Thundra #56 NM

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We open with Ben under attack by Deathlok, who actually manages to pierce Ben's hide to the point that Ben is bleeding. We quickly learn that Deathlok has no organic parts left (as Ben puts it "Somebody's lobotomized the poor sucker."). Quasar quickly comes to Ben's aid, and the two go after the escaping cyborg.Elsewhere, we see Thundra learning the ropes about professional wrestling, to the misfortune of the Grapplers (Letha, Poundcakes, Screaming Mimi, and Titania).In Project Pegasus, Dr. Thomas Lightner reports to the myseterious Nth Command that Deathlok was unable to finish his portion of the "Nth projector" and Lightner is ordered to create more chaos at Pegasus, which he does by releasing Nuklo, the nuclear man...