Marvel Two-in-One #57 VF

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The issue starts with all the major Project Pegasus security figures in a meeting- obviously, based on the events of the previous four issues, something big is up. While Quasar puts the whole place on alert, Ben goes to talk to Thundra, who refuses to tell Ben anything for fear of jeopardizing her 'reward'.Elsewhere in Pegasus, Wundarr is up and walking at long last (though he's seems lost in his own head). Unfortunately, his new powers are shutting off all power as he passes, and that includes the power to the detention cells that hold Solarr. Solarr attempts to zap, and then physically attack, Wundarr, to no effect. As Wundarr wanders off, Solarr decides to get some help in his escape. Electro proves worthless (due to being in a full-body cast), but Solarr soon finds and awakens Klaw, and the two make a break for it.Back at security, the computers turn up one name who's been at all the trouble, and to Ben's utter lack of surprise it is Dr. Thomas Lightner. Unfortunately, at about the same time, Lightner has completed his 'Nth Projector' and activates it in an attept to restore his one-time powers as Blacksun.Klaw and Solarr's escape has been noted, and Ben, Quasar, and Giant-Man head after them, expecting to find Lightner. Surprised, Quasar is quickly taken out by Solarr, leaving Ben to slow the escape attempt using a "gimmick from one'a them old road runner cartoons"...