Marvel Two-in-One... featuring the Thing and The Avengers #75 NM

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Ben's at the Baxter Building doin' some cleaning- some friends are coming over for poker. The other members of the FF all head out of the building for the night, and Alicia is out of town, so the Thing has the Building to himself. However, before Reed goes, he tells Ben there's been some unusual activity in the Negative Zone...Over in the Negative Zone, Annihilus is in his castle admiring his latest find (a green humanoid figure currently sitting in an "invigorator"), when Blastaar calls Annihilus out to face him. Blastaar's rule of his planet has been overthrown, and he offers to serve Annihilus if Annihilus will help him recover his planet. After some thought, Annihilus agrees, secretly planning to betray Blastaar the whole time. The two attend a gladiatorial event, and Blastaar discovers his love interest, Nyglar, in the ring. He leaps into the ring and saves her, something Annihilus views as a sign of weakness. Annihilus takes Blastaar and Nyglar to his "find", which we learn is the android known as the Super-Adaptoid, an old Avengers foe. Annihilus has reprogrammed the Adaptoid to serve him. While they celebrate their alliance, Nyglar decides that this arrangement is bad for both Blastaar and the Negative Zone, and slips away and makes a general broadcast call for help. Back in the Baxter Building, poker night has begun. Present are the Thing, Jarvis (the Avengers' butler), the Beast, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and the Wasp. Unfortunately, early on in the game an emergency alarm sounds from the lab where the Negative Zone portal is kept, and the game is adjourned. After listening to Nyglar's call for help, and a massive debate, Jarvis remains behind to watch the portal for the heroes' return while the others head into the Negative Zone to see what they can do...