Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 VF

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This story continues from Avengers Annual #7

Plagued with dreams from Master Order and Lord Chaos, telling them of the battle between Thanos, Captain Marvel, and the Avengers over the fate of the galaxy, Spider-Man and the Thing are compelled to investigate these dreams by taking a ship out into space.

There they find Thanos' ship, and the board it, there they are attacked by the hordes of Thanos, while deep within the Soul Gem, Adam Warlock's soul meets with Gamora and Pip. While in the real world, Thanos joins the fight which takes Spider-Man and Thing into the room where the Avengers and Captain Marvel are being held in stasis. During the fight, Spider-Man frees the Avengers leading to an all out assault on Thanos.

Over powered, the heroes prove unable to defeat Thanos until Spider-Man manages to free the Soul Gem, causing the soul of Adam Warlock to appear from it and turn Thanos into stone. After rejoicing over their victory, the heroes have a funeral and bury Adam Warlock on an asteroid in space. While Adam's soul finds peace within the Soul Gem, Thanos finds himself in a living hell made of stone.