Marvel Two-in-One featuring Thing and Trition (vol 1) #65 NM

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Ben stands on an oil derrick, an unconscious Stingray at his feet, while the Serpent Squad floats just offshore, warning him off. Ben turns to tend to Stingray, only to get clobbered by Anaconda, who has taken advantage of his distraction to sneak on board. While Ben faces off against her, the other snakes grab Stingray, and threaten to poison him if Ben doesn't surrender. Ben is soon chained to a pillar on the derrick, attached to Stingray so that if he pulls, he'll pull Stingray's arms out. The serpents, having no real interest in killing Ben, depart to continue their mission, giving Ben time to recap last issue in a flashback. Meanwhile, Dr. Crofy was abandoned in Ben's Pogo Plane last issue, realizes something has gone wrong, and radios for help...Ben manages to escape from the Serpent Squad's captivity, and he takes the still out-of-it Stingray back to the plane, where help has arrived in the form of Triton, of the Inhumans, who they'd come here to meet anyway. Ben and Triton head for the ocean floor to look for the Serpent Squad, who have succeeded in finding their target... the Serpent Crown!