Marvel Two-in-One featuring Thing and Aquarian (vol 1) #58 FN

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First appearance of Aquarian.

As Ben is about to be brain-fried by Klaw, Klaw is mysteriously disincorporated back into his sonic claw. We see standing over him a recostumed Wundarr, now self-named the Aquarian and fully reborn with a functional adult mind thanks to the Cosmic Cube. It was the Aquarian's power-inhibiting null-field that has shut down Klaw. After taking care of the injured Giant-Man and Quasar, and seeing to the reimprisonment of Solarr and Klaw, the two head for a spatial distortion down below that the Aquarian has been sensing. It turns out to be Dr. Thomas Lightner, now in the form of a giant man-shaped hole in the air which seems to be sucking everything near it into it. Lightner now calls himself the Nth Man. Throwing things at him just results in his absorbing them (and growing larger). The Aquarian tries to shut him down with his null-field, and it seems on the verge of working, save that in doing so he's shutting down the life support systems and killing Ben and everyone else. Thundra has escaped during all this, and Giant-Man and Quasar are up out of their sickbeds and coming down to see what's up. All five meet near the Nth Man (and Thundra offers her help), but their best efforts seem hopeless...