Marvel's Greatest Comics #33 VF

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Reprinting Fantastic Four #43 and #44 plus Strange Tales. The gentleman's Name is...Gorgon! Reed must devise a way to bring Ben out of his evil, hypnotic trance, and has no choice but to attempt a dangerous operation of going into Ben's mind and clearing out the lies and distortions. He gasses Ben with Sleeping gas, and prepares his old friend for the risky test. The operation an apparent success, Ben is recuperating when the Frightful Four invade the Baxter Building once more with the Human Torch in tow as their hostage! They want Reed and Sue to allow them to hypnotize THEIR minds as well, or the Wizard will send Johnny's bound body into space on a huge anti-gravity disc. Reed stalls for time, and just in the nick of time, Ben awakens- his mind clear, with a raging mad-on for the Frightful Four! All the Frightful Four Members are defeated and prepped for prison, all except Medusa, whom Johnny let slip away, though for the life of himself, he doesn't know why! Among Us Hide The Inhumans: As Reed and Sue domesticate the Baxter Building, Johnny has had enough, and leaves to go for a drive. But hiding within his sports car is none other than Madam Medusa, and she demands he drive her out of the city so she can escape the clutches of an unnamed adversary! Johnny does best he can, but their escape is thwarted when they are attacked by DRAGON MAN, and before long, their pursuant has caught up to them! His name is GORGON, and he is a member of super-powered beings of which Medusa belongs, and must return, even if against her will!

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