Marvel's Greatest Comics (vol 1) #25 GD

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Reprints Fantastic Four #33 - Lady Dorma asks the Fantastic Four to assist Prince Namor in his battle against the hordes of the Barbaric Attuma .Reprints Tales of Suspense #67 "Where Walk the Villains" - The Deadly Dream-maker (aka Count Nefaria) creates dream illusions in which Iron Man must battle his former foes of; Jack Frost, Crimson Dynamo, Melter, Black Knight, Gargantus and the Unicorn. Reprints Tales of Suspense #59 "Captain America" - While Cap lounges around Avengers Mansion a gang of costumed thugs break in underestimating Caps abilities. Reprints Strange Tales #136 "What Lurks Beneath the Mask?" - Strange continues his search for "Eternity" until The Aged Genghis tells him only he and The Ancient One know the secret. He leads Strange to a being imprisoned in another dimension, but it turns out to be a trap.