Marvel's Greatest Comics (vol 1) #27 GD

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Reprints Fantastic Four #35 - Diablo takes control of the Dragon Man android and wreaks havoc on ESU. Reprints Tales of Suspense #62 "Break-Out in Cell Block 10!" - Cap stops an attempted escape by the most dangerous convicts of Cell Block 10.Reprints Tales of Suspense #69 "If I Die, Let It Be With Honor" - Boris Bullski constructs a suit of armor naming himself Titanium Man and challenges Iron Man to a fight in front of live TV. Reprints Strange Tales #138 "If Eternity Should Fail!" - Dr. Strange finally comes face-to-face with Eternity only to learn he already has the power he needs. Strange then returns to the cave to find his master gone. Mordo's spirits lead him to Mordo, who tells Strange "The game is lost!"