Metal Men (vol 1) #52 FN

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Doctor William Magnus, and the Metal Men, storm the office of General Henry Caspar, only to be turned away. Unbeknownst to them, they are being observed, on a remote monitor, by Doctor Strangeglove, and the Brain Children. Returning to their laboratory headquarters, Magnus, and the Metal Men, are met by Johanna Rome. Distraught, Rome has a terrible tale to tell. Once upon a time, the United States Government bought an abandoned amusement park, called "Happyland", and converted it into a Pediatric-Research Laboratory. Rome's pregnant sister volunteered to help with some experiments at the laboratory. The laboratory was run on nuclear power. Tragically, a problem with one of the reactors resulted in the laboratory's destruction, and the death of Rome's sister. Due to the remote location of the laboratory, the government, rather than decontaminate the property, merely sealed it within a large lead dome.Chillingly, Rome has started receiving letters from her sister's unborn child. Rome, at first, asked Caspar to look into the matter, but has heard nothing from the General in two weeks. Magnus sends Gold, Mercury, Lead and Tin with Rome, to investigate the Pediatric-Research Laboratory. Meanwhile, Magnus, Platinum and Iron, return to Caspar's office to find their own answers. As the Metal Men approach the lead dome, the soldiers guarding it open fire, and shoot the team's Jetaway out of the sky. Magnus has Platinum break into Caspar's office. There they find information on a government project, codenamed "Babylab". Suddenly, the trio are cornered by military police. At the Jetaway crash site, Rome thanks the Metal Men for saving her life. Prior to the Jetaway's crash, Tin and Mercury leaped to the ground. Tin molded himself into a tub, which Mercury filled with his liquid metal form, providing Rome a safe place to splash down.To protect Rome from any potential radiation, Lead molds himself into a suit of armor around her. The Metal Men storm the dome, putting down any military...

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