Metal Men (vol 1) #53 GD

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Doctor William Magnus, Platinum and Iron arrive at the site of "Babylab". Magnus spies the other Metal Men waving at him. Platinum, though, sees through the illusion. The "Metal Men" are really the Brain Children. Under their telepathic assault, Magnus first becomes irrational, then suicidal. Platinum prevents Magnus from killing himself, then leads the Brain Children away from him. While the majority of the Brain Children chase Platinum, the one in charge, Albert, reports their failure to take down the Metal Men, to Doctor Strangeglove. While Albert is being berated by Doctor Strangeglove for his incompetency, Magnus, still acting irrationally, charges Albert. With a simple thought, Albert renders Magnus unconscious. Platinum leads the Brain Children to Iron, who imprisons them all. Doctor Strangeglove comes out of hiding to collect Magnus, nearly getting run over by Iron. Doctor Strangeglove levels his bizarre typewriter-hand prosthetic at the two Metal Men. Hitting the shift-lock key, Doctor Strangeglove paralyzes Iron and Platinum. Magnus awakens, in a cell with Platinum. The other Metal Men are similarly caged, along with General Henry Caspar and Johanna Rome. The Brain Children have used their telepathic abilities to regress Caspar and Rome's minds to the level of infancy. The electrified cages render the Metal Men's responsometers inoperative, preventing them from using their shape-changing abilities to escape. Addressing Magnus, Doctor Strangeglove introduces himself as Doctor Norman Techno, the self styled "Father of Babylab". Techno ran experiments on pregnant women designed to boost the intellect of their unborn children. Upon birth, these infants would already possess the stored knowledge of the most learned of men.An unforeseen side effect of Techno's treatment also bestowed upon the infants an array of psychic abilities.

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