Mighty Thor (vol 1) #203 GD

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Thor has been buried under a pile of rubble by Ego-Prime, a creation of the living planet, Ego. Sif and Balder try to lift his hammer to get it back to the thunder god, but only Thor can lift it. The fatal 60 seconds end, transforming the god back into Donald Blake... but the change does not kill him, for the transformation causes an explosion which drives the boulders away from Thor's human form. Grabbing his stick and pounding it, Thor returns to his deified form and enters the fray again with Balder at his side. Meanwhile Karnilla, who loves Balder, charges into the throne room of Odin, to find out the fate of Balder down on earth. She watches as Thor and Balder are unable to stop Ego-Prime, who uses skyscrapers as weapons. By this time Heimdal arrives on the scene with three other humans - a soldier, a farmer, and an artist. Ego-Prime rises up before them to finish his job of changing -- evolving the earth into something new. But all of his power drains into the three whom Heimdal has gathered... and they are transformed into gods. Odin appears and reveals that this has been all part of an elaborate plan of his. But Thor is disgusted, thinking about what might have happened if Odin's 'plan' had gone wrong. In a side story on Darkworld, Tana Nile and Silas Grant take refuge from mutated people in an apartment, so Tana can fix her "blasted pistol."