Mighty Thor (vol 1) #344 VF

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First appearance of Malekith.

Odin has sent his messenger wolf Geri to call Balder inside Karnilla's fortress. Meanwhile in Asgard, Odin tells his wife Frigga why he had summoned Balder - the day before, when Odin returned to Asgard from Midgard he encounters Heimdall, who had told him about his two ravens and their quest throw galaxy. Just Munin returned and  very injured but he tells everything to Odin. That's why Odin has to send Balder to deliver a message to Loki, even it was Loki who had killed Balder and sent him to hell. Only Balder could save everything. Balder agrees with Odin but only if he doesn't have to kill anyone anymore. Meanwhile at Brooklyn are Thor and Lorelei, both in theirs human form. Melodi is massaging Sigurd and want to give him poisoned wine, but he fells asleep before it. Balder and his stallion Silverhoof face numerous challenges before get to Loki's Castle - an avalanche, a living forest and then a sandstorm. When he is almost there demons show up and get him. The demons take him to Loki, who is accompanied by Malekith, the black goblin. Loki says the demons belong to him and that he is allied with him and doesn't want to read or hear Odin's message. Malekith orders the demons to kill Balder, but he manages to escape and get corned by dozens of demons. Malekith and Loki leave him to die. Back on Midgard Sigurd Jarlson is working at a construction site, organizing everything after the dragon  Fafnir destroyed the building last i ssue. His boss Jerry looks Sigurd jump easily above a wall and then remember when he also easily climb up the building to save Melodi... and then deduces that Sigurd Jarlson is Spider Man! At Loki's Castle Balder has to fight back to escape from death, even he promised he would never kill again. Balder kill every demon in the hall and then confront Malekith in a rage of fury. Balder tries to kill Malekith but the demon disappear in the air, leaving Loki with Balder. Balder delivers the letter to Loki but he throws it away saying he...