Mutant X (1998 1st Series) #12 NM

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cover by cary nord & andrew peopy howard mackie/CARY NORD/andrew pepoy ? THE SCOOP: The story that has building for one full year explodes in this double-sized special issue! ? THE STORY: As we learn the true origin of the Goblin Queen, Havok and the heroes rally their forces?and theyre joined by their surprise ally, the benevolent ruler of Europe, Victor Von Doom! If youve been following this book since issue #1, you know its all been headed toward this final showdown?but like THOR #12, this issue also includes explosive events which will spin MUTANT X in startling new directions! Plus: A gallery depicting the defining (and previously unseen) moments in this alternate worlds history by special guest artists including John Romita Sr., Michael Kaluta and Michael Golden! ? THE CREATORS: You think the ongoing team of Howard Mackie, Cary Nord and Andrew Pepoy would miss this one?! ? THE FORMAT: 48-page issue. FC, 48pg$2.99 " Cover price $2.99.