No Quarter Magazine #14

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Learn about, and get the stats for the Kayazy Assassins, Cephalyx Mind Slaves, Idrian Skirmishers, and the Church Knights of Morrow. See the Cephalyx Mind Slaves and Idrian Skirmishers duke it out in a WARMACHINE battle report.

HORDES™ Recent Battles
Delve deeper into the story line unleashed in HORDES: Evolution and play out some of the pivotal points of the storyline!

The Infernalist
Just in time for Halloween, the perfect villian PrC to add a bit of horror to your Full-Metal Fantasy campaign.

And a lot more...
Get expert advice on painting your WARMACHINE Allies, face a unusual Cephalix in its deadly den in the Pendrake Encounters, get tactical advice on using cavalry, and a new No Quarter Challenge. Plus Guts & Gears, a peek at Infernal Contraption 2: Sabotage, and more.