Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983-1984 Marvel) #11

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Character/artist listing: Subterraneans by Bret Blevins; Sunfire by Sandy Plunkett; Sunspot by Bob McLeod; Super-Adaptoid by Mike Zeck; Super-Skrull by John Byrne; Supreme Intelligence by Ron Wilson; Surtur by Walt Simonson; Swarm by Alan Kupperberg; Talisman by Paul Becton; Taskmaster by Keith Pollard; Tatterdemalion by Bob Hall; Texas Twister by Keith Pollard; Thena by Brian Bolland; Thing by John Byrne; Thor by Walt Simonson; Thor's hammer by Eliot Brown; Thundra by John Romita, Sr.; Tiger Shark by John Buscema; Tigra by Will Meugniot; Titan by Eliot Brown; Titanium Man by Al Milgrom; Toad by John Byrne; Tomorrow Man by Sal Buscema; Trapster by John Byrne; Triton by Mike Zeck; U-Foes by Sal Buscema; Ulik by Walt Simonson; Ultron by Kerry Gammill; Umar by Joe Rubinstein; Unicorn by Brett Breeding; Union Jack by Kerry Gammill; Unus by Paul Smith; Ursa Major by Ron Wilson; Alien Races by Paty Cockrum. Ed Hannigan/Joe Rubinstein cover. Cover price $1.00.

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