Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983-1984 Marvel) #12 NM

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Character/artist listing: Valkyrie by Bob McLeod; Vance Astro by Al Milgrom; Vanguard by Dave Cockrum; Vanisher by June Brigman; Vermin by Mike Zeck; Viper by Mike Zeck; Vision by Paul Smith; Vulture by Bret Blevins; Wakanda by Don McGregor & Rick Parker; Wasp by Paul Smith; Watchers by John Byrne; Werewolf by Don Perlin; Whirlwind by Kerry Gammill; White Queen by Paul Abrams; Will O' the Wisp by John Romita, Jr.; Wizard by John Byrne; Wolfsbane by Bob McLeod; Wolverine by John Byrne; Wonder Man by John Byrne; Wrecker by Keith Pollard; Wrecking Crew by Luke McDonnell; X-Men (and their allies, including the New Mutants) by Paul Smith; X-Men mansion & jet by Eliot Brown; Ymir by Walt Simonson; Yondu by Al Milgrom; Zeus by Bob Hall; Zodiac by Mike Mignola; Zzzax by Mike Zeck; Alien Races by Paty Cockrum. Ed Hannigan/Joe Rubinstein cover. Cover price $1.00.