Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983-1984 Marvel) #5 NM

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Character/artist listing: Hangman by Bill Sienkiewicz; Hate Monger by John Byrne; Havok by Frank Miller; Hawkeye by Mark Gruenwald; Headmen by Kerry Gammill; Hela by Richard Howell; Heliopolis Gods by Mike Mignola; Hellcat by Bob McLeod; Hellfire Club by Brian Postman; Her by Al Milgrom; Hercules by Bob Layton; Heroes for Hire building by Eliot Brown; High Evolutionary by Butch Guice; Hobgoblin by John Romita, Jr.; Howard the Duck by Paul Smith; Hulk by Al Milgrom; Human Torch by John Byrne; Hydra by Mike Zeck; Hyperion by Ron Wilson; Iceman by Bob Layton; Ikaris by Keith Pollard; Immortus by Rudy Nebres; Imperial Guard by Greg LaRocque; Impossible Man/Impossible Woman by Steve Leialoha; In-Betweener by Jim Starlin; Inhumans by Mike Zeck; Invisible Girl by John Byrne; Iron Fist by Denys Cowan; Iron Man by Bob Layton; Jack of Hearts by Dave Cockrum; Jack O'Lantern by Luke McDonnell; Jester by Kerry Gammill; Juggernaut by John Romita, Jr.; Alien Races by Paty Cockrum. Ed Hannigan/Joe Rubinstein cover. Cover price $1.00.