Official Price Guide to Role Playing Games Paperback – November 24, 1998

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Since the advent of Dungeons & Dragons more than two decades ago, role-playing games have been hot. Yet, there have been no references available covering the entire spectrum of games or offering values for older, rare games--until now. A complete and authoritative resource, The Official Price Guide to Role-Playing Games provides the kind of detailed information that game enthusiasts have been seeking for years.

[ ] COMPREHENSIVE.  This one-of-a-kind sourcebook spans the complete history of the genre, from the launch of the entire industry with the first Dungeons & Dragons game to the latest releases from every game publisher. All versions and editions of each game are listed, including rarely seen promotional items and printing variations that make one version more valuable than another.

[ ] CLEARLY ORGANIZED. All titles are organized by publisher and then broken down by trademark and campaign setting. Prices are based on condition and actual market value measured at stores and auctions.

[ ] WRITTEN BY EXPERTS.  A game industry veteran of twenty years, Timothy Brown has been a designer at Games Designers' Workshop, an editor at Challenge magazine, and the director of product development at TSR. He is the award-winning designer of 2300 AD and AD&D's Dark Sun Universe.

Tony Lee has been involved in the game industry for more than fifteen years as a magazine game reviewer, an editor and development consultant for Marc Miller's Traveller game line, and a game designer.

[ ] FULLY ILLUSTRATED.  Packed with illustrations of rare role-playing game product covers.

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