Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #58 NM

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When The Ringer was retrieving a suit The Tinkerer had crafted for him, he ended up being kidnapped by an unknown assailant. After blacking him out, the kidnapper placed an explosive ring on The Ringer and threatened him to kill Spider-Man, which he easily failed - in both fights on that single day. Later, in the hideout of the kidnapper, he was revealed to be The Beetle, in his new battle suit. Other sub-plots of this issue includes Peter Parker meeting his new student, Greg Salinger, Peter patching things up with Debra Whitman by being on time for a date for once, and even accompany her for the rest of the night after quickly dispatching The Ringer in the second fight. Also, Marcy Kane had recover from her trauma in the previous issue and had grow her long hair back, looking splendidly in her new hairdo.