Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (vol 1) #28 VF

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As Spider-Man tries to stop the Masked Marauder's Tri-Man robot, Daredevil faces off alone against the Marauder and his goons. Spider-Man manages to disarm the Tri-Man's self-destruct mechanism and deactivate it based on blind-luck alone (pardon the pun). Meanwhile, Daredevil has an edge over the Marauder who relies on his eye-damaging helmet ray having no effect on him to defeat the Marauder. After the battle is over, Daredevil finds Spider-Man and tells him the battle is won, at that time Spider-Man is happy to find his vision is slowly coming back.  Returning to his apartment, Spider-Man finds that the police and a number of his friends are at the scene. Changing back to Peter Parker in an alley, Peter checks out the scene and finds that his apartment has been trashed and vandalized. Peter, wonders if the vandal knows of Peter's secret identity. Hector Ayala offers Peter a place to stay while his place is examined by the police.  That night at ESU, Peter detects danger and finds Carrion who has just finished attacking Hector and leaving another one of his accusative messages for some wrong he blames Parker for. Peter tries to stop Carrion, but the creature overpowers him and takes advantage of Peter's presently light-sensitive eyes to get a hold of Peter's throat. Carrion is about to get revenge on Peter when Holly Gillis walks in on them and begs Carrion to stop.