Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (vol 1) #88 VF

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Mr. Hyde is attempting to break into Rykers Prison in order to get revenge against the Cobra for his past failings and betrayals. As security tries to keep him at bay, the warden of the prison has the Cobra bound in an escape-proof metal jacket and tries to carry him to safety. However, all their efforts are in vain and Mr. Hyde manages to break through all the security and get to the Cobra. Smashing the helicopter that the warden called to airlift the Cobra away, Mr. Hyde then grabs his former partner and breaks open the metal jacket. This, however, allows Klaus to use his flexibility powers to slip away. Mr. Hyde catches him though and tosses him into the rocky waters below. Klaus manages to survive due to his enhanced flexibility and dexterity.  Meanwhile, at the apartment of the Black Cat, Felicia Hardy sleeps soundly as Peter Parker paces about the apartment. He is concerned about the sudden jolts that he's been getting from his spider-sense, and the fact that the Black Cat loves him as Spider-Man, not Peter Parker. Still, Peter reflects on how happy Felicia makes him and wonders where their relationship will take them and even imagines him having a spider-family with her. Felicia wakes up and when they realize it's still night time they decide to go out on the prowl again. While swinging across the city, they hear a scream prompting the two lovers to check it out.  They come across Mr. Hyde who has managed to track the Cobra into the city and is about to crush him with a large van. Spider-Man, knowing how dangerous Mr. Hyde is cautioning Felicia to stay back, but she refuses. The Cobra begs Spider-Man to help, while the Wall-Crawler is not impressed with having to save the Cobra from Mr. Hyde's wrath again he decides to help because he doesn't want to be privy to murder. Ordering the Cat to protect the Cobra, Spider-Man goes toe-to-toe with Mr. Hyde. During the fight, the Black Cat thinks that Spider-Man needs his help and tells the Cobra to stay put while she joins the battle. The Cobra has other ideas in mind and slips away up a drain pipe.  When the Cat enters the brawl, Spider-Man becomes worried that she will get injured again like when they battled the Owl and Dr. Octopus. He gets in the way and tells her to get out of the way because Mr. Hyde is out of her league. While she complies she thinks to herself that this is the last time that Spider-Man tells her to sit out a fight. When Spider-Man doesn't appear to be doing very well in battle, the Black Cat tries to lend a hand again only to become caught in Mr. Hyde's grasp. Spider-Man offers himself up as a victory over her and Mr. Hyde accepts striking Spider-Man as hard as he can, sending the Wall-Crawler smashing into a brick wall and getting buried under the rubble.  With Spider-Man down and out, Mr. Hyde turns his attention back to Felicia, however before he can attack the Cobra arrives in his costume and peppers him with darts filled with cobra venom. This weakens Mr. Hyde significantly, however, he is still strong enough to tear the wall that Cobra is standing on. While the two villains are preoccupied with themselves, the Black Cat trips them up causing the wall to collapse on them knocking them both out. Noticing that Spider-Man is still alive, the Black Cat gets down on herself for being a liability and decides to leave and try to get super-powers, leaving Spider-Man to recover on his own.