Protectors (1992 Malibu) #6A NM

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Direct Market Edition. Cover art by S. Clarke Hawbaker. After the Fall, script by R. A. Jones, pencils by Thomas Derenick, inks by Deodato; The Protectors mourn the death of Night Mask while John Fraley calls for their disbanding; While attending Night Mask's funeral, the Protectors are attacked by Mr. Monday and the Steel Army; The Protectors defeat the Steel Army and Mighty Man rips off Mr. Monday's robotic legs; The Eye secretly spies on the Great Question. Night Mask illustration, pencils by Thomas Derenick, inks by Mike S. Miller. Ferret pull-out poster. I'm Man of War, Field Commander of the Protectors; Man of War gives information on several characters and weapons that the Protectors have encountered. 40 pgs. $2.50. Cover price $2.50.