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Children of the Night: Ghosts details thirteen horrifying and tragic beings that test the fear threshold of even the staunchest ghost hunter. The restless spirits depicted herein will force heroes to solve conundrums or look at ghosts in a new light. Every creature presented in this book has its own history, personality, and powers. 

Some of the haunts that adventures will confront include the following:

  • Vlana Waldershen, a half-vistani ghost whose rage knows no bounds
  • The Ghost Cat, a monstrous being that draws tainted victims further onto the path of evil
  • Nikoiai Melentha, a child ghost who becomes what he hate most while protecting the defenseless

These are the Children of the Night. 

Children of the Night: Ghosts is the second book in a series that brings to unlife the creature types detailed in the best-selling Van Richten's Guides. Each volume offers biographies of distinct and monstrous personalities easily added to any game; short adventures featuring each nemesis, which can stand alone or form a mini-campaign; unique ways to fight each foe; and adventures hooks for using them in the future scenarios. 

For all character levels.