Richie Rich Success Stories #73

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"The Amazing Beanie!"; Richie's limousine has a tough time beating the traffic, so he uses a flying beanie invented by his cousin; It comes in handy when the inevitable crooks appear. "Richie Rich Meets Reck!"; Richie meets a boy named Rexford, Reck for short; He's pretty reckless, but he learns to be careful around the Rich mansion paraphernalia. "Casper Awards"; Black and white photos, mostly of someone in a Casper outfit posing at different functions, plus reproductions of some awards won by Harvey Comics. "Richie Rich Goes Past Level 3!"; Mr. Rich, an employee, and Richie take an experimental diving bell to the depths of the ocean. "Atlantis, the Lost Continent!"; The three underwater explorers find the descendants of Atlantis. "The Fall of Atlantis"; The King of Atlantis tells the three explorers the history of his civilization, then returns them to the surface after erasing their memories of the adventure. "Hasty Hero"; Dot tries to take pictures of her speedy uncle. But, he's so fast that all the pictures just show a blur. "Nothing To Do" text story; A possum tries to figure out what he should be doing with his life. "Paper Caper"; While pretending to be a superhero, Lotta makes a cape from paper; Then, several coincidental happenings convince her the cape is magical. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.40.

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