Rom Annual (vol 1) #3 NM

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Rom and Starshine save some children in a daycare center from the threat of young Wraiths and Rom realizes how brutal and cold a warrior his partner, whom he secretly loves, has become. As he sends one Wraith to Limbo, another old foe uses that opportunity to slip out. He emerges in Cameron County, where, appearing as a young boy, the half-Wraith horror named Hybrid is soon adopted by the local preacher and quickly becomes a preacher himself, as he drains the life out of his foster father. Rom and Starshine notice something peculiar about a church. Inside, Hybrid attacks them, banishes Rom to Limbo and takes Starshine captive. He frees the human, Brandy Clarke, from her armor and intends to make her his bride to spite Rom. Nearby, Professor Xavier and several of his New Mutants want to visit Cannonball’s family. After having taken care of a forest fire, they visit with the Guthries. Sam learns from his younger brother, Josh, that the younger siblings all know that he is a mutant and want to be mutants as well, as this might be their ticket out of there. Later, the mutants, along with the Guthries, go to the old preacher’s funeral. Xavier, Magik and Wolfsbane sense that the new preacher is evil. Reading their thoughts, Hybrid decides that he wants the female mutants as brides as well, as he wants his children to inherit their powers. He has the church disappear under the ground. When the mutants investigate, he causes a cave-in, trapping them with him. He incapacitates Xavier and takes the mutants prisoner, save for Magik, who flees to Limbo. However, this is Rom’s Limbo, where he is set upon by all the Dire Wraiths he’s banished there. Illyana helps him fight them off and teleports both of them back to the church, where Hybrid and Brandy’s wedding ceremony is already underway. Rom finds himself helpless against Hybrid’s magic, but Illyana manages to hurt the evil creature somewhat with her Soulsword. Brandy manages to snap out of her stupor and grabs Rom’s...