Saint Sinner (1993) #1 NM

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Etched Foil Cover. Clive Barker's latest super hero title from the Razorline imprint premieres with a prismatic foil cover. Saint Sinner is the alter ego of Philip Fetter, and ordinary sixteen year old until a demonic spirit possesses him, commanding him to commit a series of senseless murders. When he is ordered to kill his own parents, Fetter saves them by attempting suicide. When he is rescued by an angel, he kills her, absorbing her goodness, which battles the evil within him. For the first time in his life, Philip feels in control. But, while he is no longer the victim of outside forces, he is doomed to be the Man Who Walks Between good and evil, the patron saint of lost souls. Written by Elaine Lee. Art by Max Douglas. Cover price $2.50.