Secret Wars II #6 NM

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The Beyonder decides to be a force for good in the universe. He builds a giant new headquarters in Sparta, Illinois, filled with all of his favorite gadgets. The tower is noticed by Dave, a local down-on-his-luck reporter. He rushes off to the tower to find out what is going on, hoping this is the story that makes his career.The Beyonder flies off to help Power Pack, and Dave has to wait until he returns. When he comes in, he is astounded by the majesty of the building. The Beyonder tells him that Dr. Strange inspired him to be a champion of life, and shows him a mental projection of all the cosmic powers, such as Mephisto, Death, and the Living Tribunal. Dave is even more amazed, but he decides he wants to help the Beyonder, and becomes the manager for the Beyonder's organization. The Beyonder starts righting wrongs across the globe, and indeed the universe, glad that Dave has found a role in which he can be fulfilled.Meanwhile, Owen Reece and Marsha Rosenberg are happily living their life in Denver, when Reece sees an article about the Beyonder's exploits. He begins to wonder if the Beyonder is ever going to be satisfied with a "normal" life--like his own. As they eat, Marsha notices he is upset, and he says that the Watcher is there, invisible. Uatu makes himself visible at Reece's request, and says he wishes to speak in private, but Reece is too annoyed. Uatu explains the situation to Marsha instead. He describes how Reece grew up from being a weak "mother's boy" to a pathetic adult, until one day he had his accident, at which point he gained his powers--a moment that "shook the...multiverse to its foundations, and made the mighty tremble....The entire history of the multiverse was but a prelude to his rebirth." And yet Reece started his super-powered career as a villain. Eventually he reached enlightenment at the hands of none other than Dr. Doom, and "became aware that he was the most powerful being in the multiverse."

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