Sensational She-Hulk (vol 1) #2 NM

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Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp, gives Jennifer a tour of the apartment she is going to loan her. Janet comments that she is pleased to see that the cleaning staff has still been on the job while she's been away. Jen perks up at that, and hopes that the cleaning staff are a bunch of handsome hunks in tight t-shirts. Janet smiles and says that it is actually four old ladies with mops. Janet jokes that it must have been a long while since Jennifer broke up with Wyatt Wingfoot, and Jen says that its been long enough. While Janet shows her the view from the terrace, Jen double checks to make sure that Janet won't need the apartment. Jan assures She-Hulk that she's been spending most her of time lately in California with Hank Pym and the West Coast Avengers, so she can have this apartment all to herself. Elsewhere, the Headmen continue to monitor the She-Hulk. Morgan is worried about whether things are going according to plan. Nagan tells him that he is worried about the wrong things and asks Ruby to assure him that the new accomplice they have hired will not fail in his task to test She-Hulk. Satisfied for now, Morgan returns to his cellular acceleration experiments. Back at the apartment, Janet continues to give She-Hulk the tour. Janet says that Jennifer can take care of hiring her own staff, and Jen responds that she doesn't even have a job right now. She isn't sure if she can go back to being a lawyer now that she is She-Hulk full time. Later, as Jen makes herself some popcorn and settles down to watch TV, she thinks to herself that she needs to start looking for a job tomorrow. Her TV program gets interrupted by a news report that flying saucers have appeared over Manhattan! She-Hulk races out to the terrace to find that the sky is filled with alien ships! She-Hulk wonders how so many ships managed to get so close without anyone detecting them, and why the Avengers and the Fantastic Four haven't responded yet. A green gloved hand presses a button on a remote control, and...