Shattered Pattern (Earthdawn Roleplaying Adventure) Paperback

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"I no longer know who I am, I have lost my Name, my very self. I know nothing of my past, nor how I came to Kratas, nor how this misfortune befell me. I would like you to help me find out who I am -- and who has done this to me, if you can."

Someone has stolen the old elf's memory and you have few clues -- some coins, an amulet, and an old map that leads to a treacherous wasteland plagued by the wretched disciples of a terrible Horror. Will you help the old one? Can you solve the mystery -- and live to tell the tale? Beware, for all is not what it seems, and the fate of Barsaive itself may rest in your hands!

Shattered Pattern is an Earthdawn adventure for 6 to 8 characters of any Discipline who have reached the Fifth to Seventh Circles.