Shelter GN (1997 NBM) #1-1ST

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1st printing. After having his heart broken by a girlfriend who turned lesbian on him, performance artist Bob Binkum stages one last performance and then takes off to see the world. His wanderings lead him to France, Greece, Turkey, and beyond — and always through a string of bad luck and harrowing near-disasters. In addition to collecting the entire "Bob" saga from out-of-print issues of Unsupervised Existence (including the rare early mini-comics), International Bob features an all-new eight-page conclusion to the story, written and drawn by LaBan for this book. Gut-wrenching and side-splitting, International Bob is a comic collection that takes you places you've never been — and probably never wanted to be, a roller coaster tour of half the world and one man's whole, tortured mind. Softcover, 8 1/2-in. x 11-in., 80 pages, B&W. NOTE: "...The constant discovery of adventure in the ruins of boredom, as well as the sketchy drawings and dead-on characterizations, make this one of the best comic books in America." – Spin Cover price $9.95.