Showcase 94 (1994) #12 VF

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Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Oracle, can locate any piece of data in the DC Universe. But, crippled by the Joker, she must do so from her secure command center. Now a mysterious stalker has targeted the former Batgirl for death in a story by Scott Peterson, with art by Brian Stelfreeze. Ballistic seeks to join the 'Real World' group Blood Pack, but an incident on the freeway throws a monkey wrench into those plans when he meets the lethal Loria. Written by Charles Moore, with art by Christopher Taylor and Andy Lanning. Triumph, the time-lost hero of the Justice League, seeks to win back his old life in the wake of ZERO HOUR and is confronted by the menace of the villain Freelance in a story by Brian Augustyn, with pencils by Kevin Sharpe. Cover by Kelley Jones. Cover price $1.95.