Silver Surfer/Superman #1 TP

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Superman and the Silver Surfer find themselves in strange locales -- Superman finds himself on Krypton, and the Surfer is in Metropolis. After a pitched battle with the Super Skrull, Superman realizes he is not, in fact, on Krypton at all, and quickly learns his opponent is not the real Super Skrull, but is in fact the shape-shifting alien known only as The Impossible Man! Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer discovers that the Metropolis he is trapped in is a miniaturized version of Superman's home, and he must protect it from his attacker, Mr. Mxyzptlk! The Impossible Man reveals that swapping opponents was a game, suggested by Mxyzptlk when both found themselves in the same pocket universe. The difference being? To the Impossible Man, it was a harmless game with no one getting hurt, but Mxyzptlk had no such lofty intentions. What follows is an epic battle between Impossible Man and Mr. Mxyzptlk in all its glory. They trade places with some of the best and most powerful super-characters from both DC and Marvel universes (included in the character list).Finally, Mxyzptlk is outwitted by the combined efforts of the Impossible Man, Superman and the Silver Surfer. With a little 5th Dimension Magic, everything is restored, and for the first time, the Silver Surfer had the chance to feel revered - if only for an instance on a lonely hidden planet of Bridoon.