Silver Surfer (vol 2) #104 NM

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The Silver Surfer visits planet Lathkalos. This planet was once destroyed by Galactus and it was he who led him there. It was a peaceful world when he had arrived and he only brought doom upon them. The Surfer wishes more than ever to be stripped of his power and to lead this existence no longer. He decides to drain himself completely of his Power Cosmic. He holds no power back as usual and begins to destroy the planet, so that none will remember his actions. He enters a uncontrollable rage. He soon realizes that this is no way to go out and travels to the nearby dying world of Lathkolas (similar spelling, different planet).The Surfer decides to help this planet and bring it back to life as he did it with Zenn-La. This would be a much better way to drain his energies. He begins to use his power to create life on the barren world to help it recover. It works, but his power begins flowing from him uncontrollably. The process accelerates and in a mere moments he has evolved the planet billions of years. This leads to the planet's death along with all life on it. He has broken his vow to never kill again yet another time. Meanwhile, Tyrant has sent the Toady-Drone to go an tell Galactus he wishes to meet with him. The drone is met by Morg, who destroys it's ship and cut off it's arms and legs. He then takes the drone to his master.