Silver Surfer (vol 2) #114 NM

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The Silver Surfer experiences deja vu when he is thrown through the cosmic swell once again. He arrives back in his own universe. The Watcher tells him that he has failed. But what if.....?The pieces of the Surfer have been gathered by the Grand Overseer. Harquis Tey arrives and suggests that the pieces be melted down and made into a monument to the Uni-Lord's greatness. A message is sent to the people, that the Uni-Lord will not tolerate the rebellion any longer. Grand Overseer sends out her Territorial Troopers to kill anyone they see until the rebels reveal themselves. She asks that any who know a rebel to turn them in. Harquis Tey is discussing the situation when Khirn and Jyx burst into his temple. They demand he turn himself in to save the innocents and that waging war against a god is foolish. Tey tells them to have some faith. The Overseer and Tey meet and begin the process of melting down the Gleambody. But some rebels break in and attempt to take Tey with them. Playing along, he begs Overseer to not let them kill him. But she turns her guards on all of them, for Khirn has told the truth to the Overseer. Harquis Tey is killed, his dream unrealized.