Silver Surfer (vol 2) #26 NM

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Silver Surfer has agreed to ally with the Skrulls and Empress S'ybil against the Kree in the war. On Zenn-La, they are attacked by twelve Kree armadas commanded by the Leader Supreme, Nenora herself. Surfer , S'ybil and Super Skrull attack. Nenora is controlling the entire fleet from biocomputers connected to her nervous system. Surfer decides his best tactic is to attack the ship containing Nenora. With a few minor set backs he reaches her. Meanwhile, Clumsy Foul-up has finally agrees to the being in the cave he has been speaking to that he will betray Reptyl and that he is a born leader. He explains that he only attacked the Kree only because he was tricked to do so by the Skrulls. She cannot allow this to be overlooked but agrees to spare Zenn-La and only hunt the Surfer. She agrees to let him go and that from now on he is an enemy of the Kree and if they see him on any system in their control they will kill him. This decision doesn't seem very like the Kree to S'ybil and Shalla Bal and the other Skrulls start to suspect Nenora.