Silver Surfer (vol 2) #76 NM

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The Silver Surfer is in sorrow over the loss of Shalla Bal and Nova. He is met by someone asking for help. He believes he cannot help anyone and attacks the person, only to find it is his friend the Jack of Hearts. He has left Earth because his energy can no longer be contained and controlled. The Surfer knows someone that can help, but they will need to convince him. In the prison known as the Anvil, Nebula and Geatar are planning to release their crew. The Chancellor is in the middle of interviewing his newest prisoner when the Surfer and Jack of Hearts arrive. They wish to have one of the inmates known as Torval help create some armor for Jack. Luckily, the Surfer has some information on the Chancellor he would rather not have anyone else know about and allows them to see him. On Galactus' ship, Firelord and Air Walker are in training exercises. Air Walker is now in perfect working order. Galactus tells them he has matters he must attend to and he is not to be disturbed. In his regenerative chamber, he is secretly reviving his former herald, Morg. As the Surfer and Jack head to Torval, the Chancellor is called for an unscheduled prisoner. That prisoner is none other than the notorious space pirate Nebula, brought in by her first officer, Geatar.