Silver Surfer (vol 2) #96 VF

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The conclusion to "Back to Earth"! Join our cosmic hero as he and the Fantastic Four discover the cause of those mysterious seismic readings. When the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four run into the Hulk,  it takes all the team has to hold the Thing back from him. After they calm Thing, they learn the Hulk has come here for the same reasons. They continue together toward the disturbance. The Surfer uses his power to turn a thick rock wall blocking their path into harmless gas. Inside they discover an Atlantean monument. The defense of the place forms holographic images in an attempt to scare them off but when this does not work, it creates a cave in. Trapped under tons of rock, the Hulk and the Thing manage to hold it up while they devise a plan. Ant-Man goes and looks for the best way out but when he does not return the Surfer blasts through the rock. They have found the source of the disturbance, which has seemingly drawn them to it and disappeared. In the center of a lake of fire, the Surfer finds the unbelievable. Nova has returned to life.