Silver Surfer (vol 3) #16 NM

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"Malice: A 'Four' Thought"

Sue has become Malice and now obtains the soul gems. She plans on returning to her own universe and leaving Galactus for dead. Meanwhile, the Surfer is now the prisoner of the Trader. Reed points out that the Elders are not immortal in this universe, because Death has no power.He trades them the Surfer's freedom for his promise to help them escape. It seems he has been oppositely affected than Sue has, and he only sees logic. He and the Surfer chase after Sue, who is attempting to escpae through the black hole.They reach her ship and battle her for the gems. Reed is distracted when they see a vision of Human Torch, Thing and Doctor Doom. He accidentally touches one of the gems and it takes his soul, leaving him purely evil. He attempts to take the Surfer's soul, but the Surfer has experience in resisting this from his previous battles with Mephisto.Reed's voice again changes. The gem removes itself from Reed to reveal the culprit behind Sue and Reed's actions - the In-Betweener.

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