Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection #1 NM

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"The Pact"

The Silver Surfer reflects over his loss of Shalla Bal during his experience with the Great One. He is met by Pip who tells him that his boss, Adam Warlock would like to see him. The Surfer refuses and flies away. With the help of Drax, Pip is able to transport the Surfer to Monster Island to speak with Warlock. Warlock informs the Surfer that Shalla Bal is not truly dead and he has a plan to resurrect her. All the Surfer needs to do in return is a favor for Warlock sometime in the future. The Surfer agrees. With the Surfer's power, the Soul Gem and the Mind Gem they are able to open a portal to another dimension - only they reached the wrong one and demons begin to pour out of the gateway.