Solo Avengers starring Hawkeye and Moondragon (vol 1) #20 NM

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Hawkeye and Orb are being devoured by a carnivorous plant. They escape by Hawkeye shoving a flare arrow into the plant's throat. Orb tries to escape from Hawkeye only to be captured by Plant Man again. Hawkeye frees him and they both escape into the desert again. Plant Man escapes when his mini-ecosytem rockets away on boosters. Cloud comes to visit Moondragon (now a young child) and Isaac. Demeityr and Pamela grow closer still, when Moondragon has a tantrum and attacks them. Pamela is able to partially defend herself with the limited psionic powers Moondragon helped her unlock. Heather teleports Pamela, Demeityr and Isaac into the void of space where they are rescued by the Dragon of the Sun. Pamela is reborn as Sundragon and Gargoyle is given a new body which he can transform into human or gargoyle form. Moondragon apologizes for her childish behavior and leave for earth. Pamela, Isaac and Demeityr remain in space flying on the Dragon of the Sun.