Spawn Bible #1 NM

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1st printing. This one-shot features brief bios of the following characters: Spawn; Al Simmons; Clown; Violator; Wanda; Cyan; Terry Fitzgerald; Jason Wynn; Angela; Cogliostro; Malebolgia; Tony Twist; Overtkill; Sam; Twitch; Medieval Spawn; Redeemer; The Curse; Cygor; Tiffany; Tremor; Granny Blake; Bobby; and Bootsy. Scripts by Todd McFarlane, Beau Smith, Tom Orzechowski, and Andrew Grossberg, pencils by Greg Capullo, inks by Danny Miki and Kevin Conrad. Greg Capullo Discusses Greg Capullo and Spawn article by Terry Fitzgerald. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $1.95.