Spooks Volume 4: The 46th State softcover graphic novel TPB

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Volume 4 - 1st printing. "The 46th State!" Written by Xavier Dorison and Fabien Nury. Art and cover by Christine Rossi. Will Cuba be free, or will it become part of the United States? As the election draws near, Cuba becomes a powder keg. The exactions of El Santero continue, terrifying the liberators-turned-occupiers and enflaming the spirit of the freedom-starved Cubans. In response, American authorities don't hesitate to use extreme violence to ensure that their candidate will win and become not the president of the Republic of Cuba, but the first governor of the 46th state. For the SPOOKS, torn between duty and convictions, the danger is real, and choices will have to be made! Softcover, 56 pages,