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"The Teasdale Imperative Part 4 - Showdown..."

After the Lords of Order reject her plea for help against their rogue agent, the Gray Man, Doctor Fate (Linda Strauss) goes alone to confront the villain and his agent, Dr. Irwin Teasdale. Teasdale's horde of "vampire-zombies" (actually people infected by a virus of his creation, under the guidance of Simon Stagg advance through an electrified fence and close in on the combined forces of Justice League America and Justice League Europe. But the Gray Man, empowered by the dream essences of Teasdale's hordes, grows to gigantic proportions and directly assaults the Justice League International.

Suddenly, The Spectre appears with the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos. The combined forces of these cosmic entities reduce the Gray Man to a lobotomized pawn.

The Spectre departs, but J'onn is determined to tell Max this mysterious hero. Dr. Fate decides to stay on with the JLA. Captain Atom awaits the return of Rocket Red, who is searching for Power Girl. Kara took a serious blow during the battle with the Gray Man.

Finally, Flash pays a visit to Power Girl, who lies unconscious in a hospital bed.

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