Star Wars Dark Forces Used

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Now it?s you against Darth, General Mohc, the Empire, and a threat that?s even deadlier than the Death Star—dark troopers.

They have the firepower. They know their way around. They have no sense of humor. And they?ve put Boba Fett on your tail!

Only one thing can ensure that you survive to thwart the Empire?s plans—the Dark Forces Official Player?s Guide.

• Strategies and tactics to defeat everyone from storm-troopers to probe droids to Phase Three dark troopers
• A detailed shoot-through to give you a step-by step tour of the ominous Dark Forces universe
• Complete level maps for all 14 missions
• Jedi Tips to help you master weapons and navigation
• Exclusive Dark Forces cheat codes

Because you?ll need more than the Force to survive this war!