Star Wars Tales of the Jedi (1993) #4A NM

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Written by Tom Veitch. Art by David Roach. Cover by Dave Dorman. Continuing in this issue is the tale of Nomi Sunrider, a reluctant apprenticing Jedi, whose true power is hidden by her unwillingness to take up a lightsaber and enter the deadly world of a Jedi Knight. Nomi's wish to raise her daughter in a peaceful world is shattered by her true destiny -- to become a great and powerful Jedi, whose latent Force power surprises even her mentor, the enigmatic Master Thon. Meanwhile, the crimelord responsible for her husband's death -- Bogga the Hutt -- plots to steal Nomi's Adegan Crystals -- the precious gems used in creating lightsabers, and the final gift of her departed mate! 32 pages, FC. Cover price $2.50.